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Mecanical filter
  Filter medium / mats
  Filter rolls
  Bag filter
  Filter cells
  Filter elements
  HEPA filters
  Filter cartridges
  Support systems
  Air duct filter box
  Circular air filter
  Glove box filter

Electro filter





INAIR Environmental technology GmbH is a trading company, which is procuring or

manufacturing own products at height qualified manufacturing companies.


Due to the long lasting experience with excellent references it would be your

advantage to profit from our know-how.


We are gladly willing to submit an offer without any obligation to you.

Please contact us at:


INAIR Umwelttechnik GmbH

Box 421

Fichtenhagstrasse 4

CH-4132 Muttenz


Phone +41 (0)61 461 97 00

Fax      +41 (0)61 461 97 03




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