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Electro Filter

Electro filter for deposing of respirable dust from wood combustion

Electro filter


With the pipe electro filter successful filtration performance below the maximum

Permissible values of 20 mg/m3 are succeed which is of the clean air regulation.


The filtration performence of the INAIR pipe electro filter is therefore far below

the permissible prescriptive limits.



The effect of respirable dust !


Typical symptoms are ailment of eyes and perspiration tracts, reduced body performance

as increased allergic reactions and other excitabilities.

Provocations of asthma attacks, increased susceptibility for olds, bronchitis and Pneumonia,

Increased risk for heart related sicknesses (Heart rhythm disturbances, infarcts), more hospital

confinements, a higher dead rate and a higher risk for lung cancer.




Particles of a combustion process are increased harmful, as they are such micro parts with

a measure of less than 1 thousandth of a millimeter a distribution in the whole human body

is possible. Carbon black as respirable dust is carrying also organic substances from an

uncompleted combustion which are besides cancer causing.




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